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"Art Chemists" is an assemblage of skilled artists situated in Los Angeles. With years of expertise across diverse artistic mediums and an assortment of flexible styles. Art-Chemists offer a wide selection of creative services for their clients. They have an extensive artistic...

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New Ewkuks YouTube Series - Beyond the Wall

"Beyond the Wall" Episode #2 - This edition features street artist - Dirt Cobain who is known for his pop art, specifically his "Beverly Pillz" and "U Get Me So High" series. Learn more about Dirt Cobain's controversial art.
Beyond the Wall - MDMN MDMN's inspiration from a '90s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extra-terrestrial villains, and armies of robots can be seen on every piece of MDMN's work. Arts of all kinds has driven MDMN to release his passion for bright colors and imaginative dreamlike characters.